Rebuild the Parasite / 2014

  1. Rebuild the Parasite 04:46
  2. Low Frequency Addicted 05:18


Released (digital) - August 1, 2014
Music by Rodion and Mikhail
Lyrics by Anna
Additional vocals by Arsafes
Recorded and mixed by Roman Arsafes (Arsafes Records)
Mastered by Greg Reely (Canada)
Photo by Sofya Sedova


Anna - vocals
Rodion - guitar 
Aleksey - bass
Mikhail - drums


Rebuild the Parasite

Breathe in breathe out, what have I found here?
Deluded vision of fake sanity

Fight! What are you waiting for?
Rise against inhuman law!

The beat of hearts disharmonized the realm
Survived somehow... am I rebuilt...?


I'm hypnotized...
The storm is closing in...
It's covering...
The toxic pain's embracing me!

Who am I
What I become
They drink my blood, they eat my flesh
Who am I
What I become
A soldier or a prisoner

Stainless, lifeless, merciless
The perverted measure of existence

Who am I
What I become
The last survived

Who am I
What am I
The parasite...

Low Frequency Addicted

Incoming call of base reality
Drowned in self-destruction
Moving through the burning wires
The last moment of...
Split up substance!

Mirrors! Subconsciousness multiplies
Countless faces the loss, the loss of self

Connection variations
Low frequency is God
It's powered by soulless corrosive tools
Of slavery of inhuman source


The ports are closed
The current inside is trying to break...through

Splashes of light
The pure insight beyond endurance
Am I that current trying to get

Straight to the centre straight to the core
Infrasonic seeds of perception revealed annihilation
Unknown derivation I'm split I'm ready to explode
Intensify! Intensify! Intensify!