The band was formed in April 2004 by Aleksey Kurpyakov (bass) and Mikhail Conflictov (drums).

In February 2006, Conflict has the following line-up: Andrey Groshev (vocals), Ivan Prokhorov (bass), Aleksey Kurpyakov (guitar), Mikhail (drums).  The same year the band releases a demo record consisting of three tracks: "New Beginning", "2029" and "Spybot".

In 2007 - beginning of 2008 the line-up changes: the professional musician Natalia Kalyuzhnaya (keys) joins the band. Ivan Prokhorov takes place as vocalist and transfers his role of bassist to a new member of the band - Dmitry Platonov.

In 2009, the band releases their debut album, "Prototype", recorded at the studio "DAI Records". The band signs the contract with one of the major Russian metal labels "Irond".

The cold, intense and solid sound with threading futuristic atmosphere, the album earns a large number of positive reviews, including responses from the foreign listeners of Great Britain, Portugal, Argentina, Italy, USA, the Netherlands, Germany, etc., despite the fact that all the lyrics on the album was in Russian language. The well-known Russian music magazine "Dark City" publishes album review, which receives the highest rate and appears at the top of editor’s preferences.

In 2010, for personal reasons Ivan Prokhorov (vocals) and Aleksey Kurpyakov (guitar) leave the band. The same year the talented vocalist Anna Vavilkina and guitarist Rodion Skityaev joins “Conflict” on the permanent basis.

In 2011, the song "2029" was reworked and remastered with Anna's vocals. This version of the song was used as a sound track for the popular comedy TV serial "Interns".

In 2012, "Conflict" releases the single entitled "Low Frequency Addicted" recorded at the "Arsafes Records" studio. Besides the self-titled track, the CD also includes the cover version of the song Survivalism, industrial rock classics of Nine Inch Nails. The cover-song was remixed by Sergey Newman of the Kirov’s band ‘Xe-None’; the 46-minute ambient track dedicated to the ex-vocalist Ivan Prokhorov, who passed in January 2012, finalizes the release.

The beginning of 2013 brings new members Mikhail Korovin and Maria Vasenkova who relatively replace Dmitry Platonov (bass) and Natalia Kalyuzhnaya (keys).

In March 2013, the band releases a retrospective single "Echo of Forgotten Places". It includes two reworked songs from the first album "Spybot" and the ballad "Echo of Forgotten Places", the cover-song "It's No Good" originally performed by Depeche Mode.

May 2014 turns out be the month of the member shuffle again: Maria Vasenkova (keys) and Mikhail Korovin (bass) depart, and at the same time, Aleksey Kurpyakov returns to the band and takes the vacant place of a bassist.

In June 2014, the band starts to mix the new material for the second full-length album.

The release of the second full-length album, entitled "Transform Into a Human", occurred in December 2014. The album was presented in 8-panel digipack format, which includes a 12-page booklet, a poster with the cover artwork in high quality and two CDs. The album was fully financed by the band members themselves.
The material was recorded and mixed by the talented sound engineer and musician Roman Arsafes. The Canadian engineer Greg Reely (well-known by his work with such giants as Fear Factory, Front Line Assembly, Devin Townsend, Paradise Lost, etc.) gave recommendations for mixing and fully mastered the album.

The cover artwork was designed by the talented French digital artist and illustrator Pierre-Alain D., who was able to convey the mood and atmosphere of the album at its best.

In 2015, Conflict records an exclusive soundtrack “The Insane Killer” for the German wrestler.

In 2016, the debut video for the song ‘Mechanism of Life’ is finally released after several years of post-production. This highly professional video received many international awards and is one of the most complex and high-tech music videos in the whole music industry.

In September 2017, the cover album called ‘Take Cover’ reveals to light. It contains 10 diverse tracks representing completely different directions of musical genres, from pop to metal and punk!

The release of the conceptual full-length album, entitled "Decision Code", occurred in November 2019. The album was presented in 10-panel digipack format, which includes a 32 page booklet with the concept story and exclusive box sets. The album was fully financed by the band members themselves.