Place of birth:
Algiers (Algeria)
Main instrument:

Ibanez RG 7421XL
Ibanez RG 7421
Dimarzio pickups
Elixir guitar strings (10-56)
Line6 PodHD

Favourite band:
Nine Inch Nails
Favourite album:
Pretty Hate Machine, The Downward Spiral, Year Zero
Personal web pages:




Before Rodion joins "Conflict", he performed industrial rock in his solo project. Along with that, he’s the author of a number of remixes for various bands.

 The concept of music undergoes some changes.

Together with Mike, he begins to work on new material, resulted in the single "Low Frequency Addicted", which clearly shows his certain style and compositional approach.

He is a generator of musical ideas and one of the main authors of the music.

Besides the band activity, Rodion is engaged with sound engineering and 3D modeling.